CRE3 Launches Blog – “Open for Discussion”

This is first post from a newly formed real estate advisory firm, “CRE3 Consulting.”

CRE3 provides solutions for corporate and commercial real estate organizations to address the Efficiency, Economics and Environmental Sustainability of their portfolio of leased and owned facilities.

It is our hope to utilize this blog as a forum to share thoughts/ideas and solicit comments about topics impacting corporate/commercial real estate professionals today.

We’d like to start the dialogue by asking, “what are the most critical questions being asked of you by your company’s senior management?”

It’s been our experience that, in today’s economy, it is likely to be:

“What is our total cost of occupancy?”

“How can we reduce it?”

“How can our portfolio of leased and owned facilities be managed in such a way where they meet our operational needs, contribute to the corporate social responsibility initiatives underway within our organization and take us closer to sustainability?”

We’d like to hear from you…..what have been your experiences?


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