“The Low Hanging Fruit in CRE Energy Efficiency”

Did you ever think replacing old and outdated vending machines in your break room could be the beginning of a corporate real estate energy reduction strategy that creates an efficiency movement throughout your organization?

A few weeks ago we received a comment from Bill Clay of Bill Clay Design Studio who was responding to a blog post entitled, “You Don’t Pay For What You Don’t Use — Strategies to address the efficiency, economics and environmental sustainability of your real estate portfolio.” Bill provided the following energy cost savings ideas that, on the surface seem rather innocuous but, when they are implemented throughout a company’s real estate portfolio they could have a dramatic impact on overall energy cost savings:

  • Replace all old/outdated vending machines with Energy Star-rated vending machines – save up to $1,000.00/year/machine
  • Replace exit signs (that are on all the time) with new LED green edge-lit signs – they look modern and use way less energy than the old style and generate an ROI in first year
  • Change out toggle light switches with new occupancy sensor light switches – cut office lighting bill in half
  • Replace computer monitors with 28W LED monitors and modify power settings – Less wattage, less heat, less cooling, less energy
  • Replace 40W T-12 fluorescent tube office lights with same cost 28W T-5 lights – 30% less wattage (30% less lighting energy cost,) less light “flicker” with new ballast technology, natural light color spectrum for improved working environment and a cooler temperature office environment
  • Replace 400W warehouse lights with T-8 or T-5 high efficiency – high output fluorescent lights with occupancy sensors – cuts your warehouse lighting bill by 50%, reduces heat from lights and lowers summer warehouse cooling costs
  • Install solar panel systems – cost has decreased 50% in the since 2007
  • Check out local, state and federal rebates and utility company incentives to offset capital investments – with energy cost increases ROI will accelerate

Tackling some of these real estate/facility-related ‘low hanging fruit’ initiatives may start with energy efficiency but, may soon transition into achieving efficiency and eliminating waste throughout the organization. From more efficient methods of acquiring raw materials, accessing resources, and refining business processes the CRE department could be the catalyst of change throughout the company and contribute mightily in moving your entire organization toward environmental sustainability.

Who would have thought you could kick start you company’s movement toward corporate social responsibility and environmental stewardship just by changing out your vending machines?…something to think about the next time you get a soda for that “2:30 feeling.”

For more information about energy efficiency ideas and renewable energy projects contact Bill Clay directly at bill@billclaydesignstudio.com


One Response to “The Low Hanging Fruit in CRE Energy Efficiency”

  1. Grunergy says:

    Great tips, the office one is especially peculiar since many people seem to overlook it, particularly businesses.

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