CRE3 to Provide Corporate Real Estate Benchmarking White Paper

Would you like to know how your peers manage their corporate real estate assets?

Now may be your chance…CRE3 Consulting is undertaking a benchmarking survey that will collect information from corporate real estate executives about:

  • Total Cost of Occupancy/FTE and the Top Occupancy Cost Categories
  • How information systems are being used to support CRE Strategy
  • Preparation for the changes to the lease accounting standards
  • Top five data requests coming from senior management
  • Initiatives to move their portfolio toward sustainability
  • And much more

According to Stage-Gate International, “benchmarking encourages a company to become open to new methods, ideas, processes, and practices to improve effectiveness, efficiency and performance.”

Results from CRE3’s benchmarking survey will provide invaluable information and is intended to provide answers to the key questions:

How well is our portfolio performing compared to other companies?

What are some of the best practices in the corporate real estate industry

What occupancy cost reduction and sustainability initiatives should we focus on?

To participate in the survey visit the “Benchmarking Survey” tab on CRE3’s website at We’re asking you to spend a few minutes providing information in a couple of areas that will remain confidential and published in a white paper entitled, “CRE3 Corporate Real Estate Benchmarking Survey” and made available to those who take part in the survey.

Thanks in advance for your participation.


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